Justin David Baluch

Short-form underwater cinematography. Director of photography. #divetosurvive


Justin David Baluch is a marine-based Cinematographer and Director of Photography based out of North Shore, Oahu and has a background in computer engineering.  Justin specializes in freediving and marine lifestyle imagery and has worked with an extensive array of underwater projects and active lifestyle brands such as Patagonia, Athleta, PADI, Suunto, Light & Motion, and more.   Justin is sought after for his unique stabilized underwater "drone-like" footage created on a single breath under his own power.  With deliverable options ranging from the jaw-dropping RED WEAPON 8K to our billboard-sized 50.6 MP 35mm stills, Justin is the perfect choice to provide marine content for your next feature or shoot.  He continues to refine his skills in his home waters of Pupukea.

As an engineering consultant and military veteran, Justin is well equipped for life on the road and possesses the ability to plan and execute a trip with little-advanced notice.  Attention to detail is not just his mantra, it's his way of life.  After serving in the Navy, Justin began his consultancy with Booz Allen Hamilton, providing cyber security services for the Department of Defense.  Justin graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Business Administration.  If you are looking for a passionate marine-based D.o.P., choose Justin.  Dependable service, Extraordinary production.

PADI Ambassadiver, Chelsea Yamase

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